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I just could not handle the pain anymore and i finally decided to go to er this morn. After i dropped my baby off to school i went straight to the er. They took me back pretty fast because I could not hardly walk and it was torture walking from the car to the door. Anyways, the doc came in and saw me and I could tell right off that she was snobby. She said what can I do for you and I told her my history and explained that the only reason I came in was because the pain was unbearable. She said I could give you morhine or dilaudid, but since I did not have a driver she said I could not get it. Instead she gave me toradol and solumedrol(steroid) in a IV, mind you it took the nurse a hour before he came to the room. I lay there crying in a room off in the coner with the door closed trying to be patient. Anyways once the nurse knew I worked for the same hospital he tried to be a little more attentive. The doc said she could not do anything for me, and I asked if t is possible that I reinjured myself, she said possilbe but did not do any test and a sorry exam. She told me to go home and continue the meds I am on and see the spine surgeon as scheduled. So, now I have pain 5/10 not as bad as earlier, I can tolerate it at this moment. I guess I have to wait 2 weeks for the 2nd opinion, it seems so far away. Well, thanks for letting me vent. Luv u guys!
KK - I am so sorry you did not receive more relief from you er visit and I pray that you find some relief soon.

Isn't toradol an anti-inflammatory or NSAID?