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I had a banana with my med but probably should have had more than that. Once my stomach feels better, I think I'll have to take just tylenol until I get something for my stomach. I had a bm in the hospital the day I went home and didn't have to have a stool softner. My husband brought me a pear and I think that helped. :-) I'm not suppose to walk much right now and I don't have a brace. I will get it next week (long, long story) but the dr. said it is okay and I won't do anything to damage the disk since the hardware is so strong in there. He said it's mostly for comfort and to remind me not to bend or twist. I felt better in the hospital, guess the meds they gave me worked better. I had no morphine pump as I thought I would, I didn't need it. I had morphine in the recovery room; then Toradol (sp?) and reglan for nausea. For home, I have Percocet. I also had an implanted pump (nothing I pump or control) that would drip an antiseptic like lidocaine on the incision which was neat. Oh yeah, they did give me pepcid everyday. Would Prilosec be the same? I have that already.