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Thanks so much for the response. I was watching and it seemed like people were reading my post but no one had anything to say about it.( I’m new to the message board thing.)

I do live near LSU medical school in New Orleans, but so far they have had nothing that can help me. I was at the pain management clinic that they had before, but like I said in my original post, they have closed down and I don't know when they will open again.

I agree that there is something going on with the doctors here, in the south. They seem so scared to even try to get you help. And I’m not talking about just prescribing medication. There are many other things they could do. But it seems like when they see that you have a chronic pain problem they want you to find someone else. The doctor that I see now told me today that he would not be treating my pain. When I asked where I should go to get help he suggested the emergency room. That kinda surprised me. He ended up giving me a shot of toradol (sp?) and it has helped some. (Enough that I can sit here and type) He has been treating me for depression and he has recently added Dexedrine. He says that in some people it helps the antidepressants work better. I’ve been on just about every depression medication out there and have had little relief. It’s hard to say what came first, the pain or the depression... but I know I am depressed! Who wouldn’t be living with this pain everyday.
I also agree that medication is just one aspect of pain management. I have read and heard about injections and other types of therapy. I have been lucky to find a wonderful chiropractor. He has one of those boxes where you put the payment and roll the arm and the money drops in a box and a credit card machine. His policy is that you pay what you can. He never knows who pays him what, so everyone is treated the same. You don’t find people like that anywhere anymore. If anyone in the Baton Rouge area wants to know more about him just let me know.

I read a post on this board that was made a long time ago from someone that mentioned pain management clinics in Texas and in the Lafayette area... I was hoping she or he was still around.
I feel like I’m having to go underground to find proper care... that is so wrong.

I know that my life is meant to be more than this, that’s for sure. I’m not the Mom I want to be, the one that I used to be. I am very bitter when it comes to those people that seek drugs for their own pleasure... those that make it hard for people like us to get the care we need and deserve.

I feel very lucky to have found this board and I hope that I can help someone one day with some information I might have. On the pain management section I doubt that will happen, but I will always try to help if I can. Thanks again for the reply!!