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Oh, Lord don't even know where to start!
I'm not sure that I fit under the category of "chronic pain", but I have suffered from severe migraine headaches all of my life. I am 40 and first went to a specialist when I was 10; the is not lack of documentation on my medical records that I sometimes suffered debilitating headaches - although maybe not considered "chronic", as it's not on a daily basis?

Ok, background. I take preventative meds daily, anti-migraine meds when I get an aura, but unfortunatley I still suffer a great deal with breakthrough headaches. For that I take Tylenol #3 0r #4, and sometimes Demerol as backup. When I do not have a headache, I do not use these drugs. Years ago, before the better migraine meds, I was on much stronger meds; generally, no longer need these.

Now....deep breath....My Dr. moved. He did have a replacement, so I went to get my refills. I was greeted with "I know what you're here for, I just read your chart, and you need to know that I don't give opiates for headaches".

He offered good old beloved Toradol, which works about as good as my son's flintstone vitamins, IMO.
There are NO other dr.s in this town taking patients. I cannot think of going to another town - like I should have to do that! - because I am in Canada where the PHARMACARE police at the drug store would definatley flag me for an "out of town" Dr. In any case, if there's a doctor shortage where I live, I doubt that smaller towns around me would be any better off.

Now, the treatment plan that I am on is one that took awhile to figure out, with the help of a neurologist 6 hours away from me, in another province. Who is this man to just, well, scr*w me over like this. What the heck am I going to do when I am in pain? ER is hopeless, they have 6 hour waits, and to be honest, the reason that I was so happy to have an understanding Dr was because years ago when the headaches were out of control and I'd have to got there, I'd be treated like a junkie.

Oh, and here's what this new Dr. said too. Why don't you just go to ER for DHE? (DHE is an IV used to relieve headaches, takes about 2 hours to administer). I explained that when I have - before I had a child to carefor -, I did that, and it was sometimes a 4 hours wait. How can I do 6 hours at ER now - what do I do with my child. That's part of why I need pain relievers for at home. Well, he shrugged and said, "yeah, but better than a 3 day headache, isn't it?"

Sorry to whine! I know that many of you here are in much worse pain than me, but I don't know what I'm going to do! I'm so scared I'm pacing.
Feeling very alone! Thank you if you're still reading this!
Dear jcatz,

Toradol simply sucks. DHE--that good ol' dihydroergotamine--"inhales profusely" just as much as the Toradol.

When you have been treated successfully for years with opiates for headaches, what is the big deal about the continuation of prescribing them?

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I am feeling increasingly violent with these kinds of doctors.

IZZY'SMOM has a point about the neglect issue. When my previous Internist--who Rx'd my pain stuff--retired, he told me point blank that the new doctor simply would not be helpful concerning my Pain Management. He said that he would gladly talk to any doctor I found about my pain issues. Fortunately, my current Internist didn't need to talk to my previous doctor, but it was good that I had that option!

Toradol and DHE--spare us all!

Jon (Conductor)