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I have been on a plethora of PM: the usual oral :Vicodin,Lortab, Lorcet, Darvon, Percocet,Darvocet, Norco, Ultram, and then OxyContin. IV: Dilaudid, morphine, demoral (which has always worked best for me (but not always used at every facility), toradol (YUCK) , the muscle relaxants: soma, flexeril, ativan, valium, baclofen..you get the picture.
I have always believed myself to be fairly well versed in PM until I found this board. But could someone please explain which ones (even some that I have not listed) are more powerful per se. I understand the hydrocodone vs. oxycodone and the different strengths of opiates mixed with different strengths of acetemitephen (sp?) and that they nind to different pain receptors which work different for each person, but are a the Darvon, etc and the Lortab/Lorcets hydrocodone? and the Percodcet/Percoden the oxycodone? And where does the dilaudid fit in? Hydromorphone? WHich I guess is a dirivitive of morphine? Does morphine come in an oral form? Why is demerol so rarely used anymore (at least in my area), only because of the highly addictiveness and it is poorly absorbed and can cause fatal seizures? Ha ha ! Is that all?? Well, it freaking WORKS for me!!
Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...currently I am weaning ff of norco but I need an alternative and am really considering going back on oxycontin because I need to function and take care of my family. When I was on it about 5 years ago (I was on it for about 4 years and it worked great) I was single and going to college and not too many 'grown up responsibilities. But I worry that now I would be driving my baby around, or cooking dinner and other grown up things and my husband works 48 hours shifts and would it be safe for me to be on it?
I know..:dizzy: .this is a lot..sorry but I see my PM Dr. on Monday and I feel likie I want to go in with as much info as possible.
You guys are GREAT!!!!!