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I recently found a pain doc, maybe 6 months ago. I have seen her a number of times, usually every two weeks or at the longest once a month. She has put me on Oxycontin because she didn't want me on the short acting anymore.
The problem I have run into with the Oxycontin is that it kinda pales in comparison to the Percocet that I was on before.
I was taking 25mg of the short acting Percocet at a time, twice a day for my back pain. When she changed my medication to the long acting, she put me on 20mg twice a day and it did next to nothing for me. So she bumped it up to 20mg 3x a day and it didn't do much better.

So recently she upped it to 40mg twice a day. This helped more than the 20s, for sure, but is still lacking.

About two weeks ago I was running with the kids in the yard and my legs went completely dead and I wiped out flat on my face. Since then the pain has doubled, easily. There was no sleep, I found it hard to even eat and couldn't concentrate on anything. I decided that I would rather have a few weeks of relief than a month of suffering because the medicine wasn't strong enough. I began taking 80mg twice a day, sometimes a 40mg in between doses if I needed it. Things went great after that and the pain became manageable, probably a 3 on the "scale". I think that 1-10 scale is retarded, btw. lol

Anyway, I called her office Monday morning and requested to speak with her about the accident I had with my legs and the added pain but I never heard back. I called again the next day a few times and asked for some short acting, even Tramadol, anything, because the pain was so severe lately. Never heard back. I called at the end of the day and was told by the receptionist that the doctor said that if I think it is that bad that I should go to the ER and see what they will do for me. I am honestly not making this up or adding any drama.
I know dang well that the ER won't do a thing for someone seeing a pain doc, so I was puzzled and felt like she just didn't care.
Later that night the pain was so bad again that I called the ER and asked if I came out there, per her instruction, if they could do anything for me and they confirmed what I knew already. At that point I requested they call her at home to authorize treatment, she did, and I went out and got a shot of Toradol and a script for 15, 5/325 Percocet, and an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

The problem now is that I have taken all the Oxycontin she had given me a few weeks back that was supposed to last a month and I have to see her tomorrow.
I don't know whether to be honest with her or tell her that I still have the Oxycontin and have been taking it as directed, and hope like heck that she has it in her heart to give me some short acting to get me through the next week and a half until I get a refil of the long acting.

One thing that bothers me about her is that she takes me for an ignorant hick or something. She tells me that 40mg 2x a day is a very large dose and with a dose that big that I can't have break through because I shouldn't need it.
I have educated myself very well in all of this, because afterall it is a big part of my life and I take it very seriously. I have read on a regular basis on many boards for chronic pain that people with issues less than mine are on far more medication than I am getting, so I often wonder if she is lying to me or what the deal is.
I'd like to see a new doctor but the other one in the area only gives shots and rarely prescribes meds. I've heard the shots make them a lot more $$ than prescriptions do, so I am reluctant to go to someone with that reputation.

Anyways, I'm rambling here. Should I tell her that I have took all the pills, or should I lie? I'm afraid that if I tell her the truth she will refuse to see me again, and I honestly cannot live life in that kind of pain.

Sorry for the long post.