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Good Morning


I would never wish that diagnostic test on anyone! It was pretty bad.:(

The part that is the worst is when they are trying to get everything in the right position.

They do this by pushing around on your neck and esophagus (really hard to the point of almost feeling choked) to make sure that they get the guide needles inserted into the right place. It was hard to swallow and felt like my throat was blocked and it bured when I would swallow.

There is more to tell but I will spare you all anymore of the awful details...:(:(:(

The doctor and I discussed before the test about being able to differentiate between the pain from the procedure and recreation of my regular symptoms. I felt I did a good job and the doctor commented after the procedure saying he felt I did a good job telling the difference. He said it was a good study (test) and that it did cooberate the C 5-6 disc as the cause of some of the pain.

The faciity is supposed to send a copy of the disc of the procedure and the CT scan.
The nurses were really kind and the one who was in the room for the procedure was awesome at helping me. She had a kind and soothing voice and she whiped the tears that I had from crying and pain.
I for sure hope that no one I know ever has to endure that test!
Today I will reschedule with my Neuro and see what he concludes with the testing. I am eager to see the report. Thdoc who did the test did not elaberate to much other than telling me about the C 5-6 disk.
After the procedure I was very nausiated when I was in the CT machine. I had not eaten anything so I basically had a nast set of dry heaves. They did get my nausea, and pain under control before I left.

I swear I could not make a complete thought or sentence when I left the place.:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:
The nurse said she gave me 2 shots of Toradol, right after the procedure, but they did not help so she gave me some Demoral. I then heard her telling me that I also had Fentinyal something like 100 mg's but that can not be right she had to have said micrograms. Right?

The Phenagrin helped great and when I got home I layed down to rest but then got the worst bought of hiccups! They lasted a long time. I ate some suop and then fell asleep for a long time.
I did wake up in the middle of the night with the hiccups again but was able to go back to bed and they are gone at this time.

this is weird...my pain this morning is mostly right sided. The did get it aggrivated over there during the procedure. The left side must be numb or someting. Who knows, but I am for sure glad that it is over and hope that my neuro will have the information that he needs to better treat me.

Thank you all so very much for being here and supporting me through my journey. Thanks for all the prayers and kind words.


Thanks so much everyone. I really believe that everyones prayers were with me yesterday, because I actually was able to concentrate on breathing through the awful parts and and not hyperventalate (sp) and move around to much.

Jodom, are you having this done on you neck or a different area?

Well here are the gorey details.

They did all the hooking up of IV's and what not and eventually I went to the procedure room.

The nurse talked to me for a while and explained how everything would go. She asked me to describe my pain and tell her what areas the pain was located. She wrote all this information down.

When the doctor came in, he talked with me for about 20 minutes explaining how important it was to really be able to tell the difference from the procedure pain and your regular eveyday pain symptoms. He also went on about spinal surgery etc. He explained how the procedure would work and he did emphasize that it was a very painful and uncomfortable test.

I am not sure at what point they gave the sedation (versed) because I did not really feel relaxed.
Anyway the first thing they did was clean the area to be worked on with rubbing alcohol and then betadine.

Next come the bad part.

They did make marks on my neck and they also mumbed the area with a series of shot but I can not exactly remember at what point they did all that.

In order for the doctor to get the guide needles into the right place he must have the patient laying face up with the head slightly to one side. The doc must push down on the vertebraes to feel their exact location and also to feel the large vesels in the neck.
The pushing on the neck was as if someone was choking me and it actually made me cough. It was so painful all the pushing and inserting of needles and sometimes the doc would have to take them out and redo them. Meaning he had to do the pushing and manipulating of the vertebraes all over again.
It felt like the needles were going right through my esophagus and was hard and painful to swallow through the entire procedure. It was hard to breathe during this part and I was crying and moaning and the nurse, God Bless her, she whiped the tears from my eyes and face, and told me I was doing a great job.

No you need to understand that he was doing this procedure at four different levels in my Cervicle spine. C 3-4 C 4-5 C 5-6 and C 6-7. So for every level they had to do the pushing and manipulating and inserting of the needles. They have to make sure they insert the needles in precisely the right spot into the cervicle disks.

After this part was done they gave me a few minustes to compose myself to to what we had established as a base line for pain. Once I was ready to move on the doc would the inflate or pressureize one level at a time and then ask me questions about what I was feeling and where. It was really weird because I could here the fluid going into the disk and making a crunchy sound, and then the pain would come and it was mostly like my reall everyday pain and on some it was not.
This part was done individually at the four levels and in-between each level they let me rest until I was back to the base line.

Once that was completed and all the needles and guide needles were out they cleaned my neck with a warm cloth, put a warm blanket on me and gave me a couple shots of toradol, which did nothing for me. The then wheeled me on the bed to the CT machine and let me tell you getting from the bed to the machine and back was very painful. The CT guy actually lifted me up because I was in so much pain I could barley move.

When the CT was happening I started to get extreemly nausiated and it was all I could do not to throw-up while in the scanner.

While the nurse was taking me back to the recovery room I told her I was really nausiated and that the pain was still really bad. She first had to get the nausea under control before giving me any more pain meds. She gave me Phenagrin for the nausea. When my stomach finally was under control and I was not retching any longer (I could not throw up because there was not any food in there) she gave me some Demorol. I have no idea when she gave me the Fentinyl but I remember her telling me she did. I thought I had heard her say 100 mg but I know that it is only done in micrograms so I am sure it must have been 100 mcg's. Anyway I was pretty well looped when I left.

When I felt up to it I was able to go to the bathroom and then they let my Mom take me home.

I would say that I was at the imaging center from 9:15 untill 12:30. The procedure I think took about 2 hours and the rest was pre and then recovery.

I hope this decribes it in detail enough for you. I hope that it will not scare you to bad. I knew it was going to be tough, but on the other hand I also knew that I really needed it so they could get to the source of the problem. It is somewhat hard to explain what it felt like while the doctor was pushing and moving the vertebrae in my neck but it was really the most painful part.
I would not wish that anyone would have to go through that EVER!

It is over now and I am resting.

Thanks again everyone.