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My PCP has been prescribing me 7.5 mg Percocets 120 every 2-3 months for back issues ( degenerative disc disease and mild to moderate disc bulge in Lumbar/Sacral area)
On July 11 at 9:30 I have a regular check up with my qrtly blood work at PCP. 12:30 I have my first PM visit. I have not had a refill on my percs since late April and can just make it until July I ( I HOPE as the past few days my pain has increased ) Do I ask my PCP for my script or do I wait until I go to the PM ? One evening I had gone to the ER my spasms were so bad for a shot of Toradol and it was the ER Dr who suggested the pain management. My PCP does not know I am going. What will happen with my first PM appointment ? Will I have to pee to show meds and should I make sure I take something the night before and that morning ? I have read that PM doctors make you sign a contract or something ? What exactly should I expect ?