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Thanks for the replys. We went crabbing yesterday and i ddi a little more than i used to so i am hoping it is just sorness. Last night i also noticed quit a bit of swelling in left leg also. I havent had a change of meds the dr is worried about addiction so he is just giving me toradol and flexeril. Man if i would not need it for pain i would have been addicted by now i have been on the meds for over 10 years on and off.

I was taking neurontin but when all the butt pain down the back of right leg when all that got better i was told i could stop the meds. I am going to call him monday cause i cant sleep at night at times the spasms have gotten so bad and the flexeril was good but no longer helping. My kids just laugh they think it is so funny watching different parts of my body just jumping.

I hope this will go away also but i was just wondering from others experience if theirs went away or stayed. I NEVER had anything after my first surgery maybe cause it was an insurance payout from a wreck so he just did what he ahd to.