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Hey Kevin and welcome
I had my 360 surgery in march of this year. And that is also what we decided that it would be better going in both ways than rather just one. I had a PLIF in 2002 where the fusion did not take causing the screws to break. The first time i just had L-5 S-1 and beings the screw londged into the upper disc L-4 to S-1 was done this time. And it is a big surgery as you know not easy to heal from but a positive attitude is the only thing that helps knowing you always want to be better and let that be your motive to push to get better. I still have pain as well but am off all pain meds and take toradol occasionally. The front incision is what is getting me its still REALLY tender and i hate it that i am still wearing sstretch pants.

This surgery was not all that bad but i say i would not have another surgery and i only say that cause i dont want to go through all the pain and missing out on the things with my kids. And i might think about it i guess if things get really bad i dont know.

Just ask if you have more questions im sure someone will know. Good luck.