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It's natural to be scared of having back surgery - many of us have been there. Keep in mind that chances are you will be better off after you recover from the surgery than you are now.

I had L4-L5 decompression/laminectomy/discectomy surgery a week ago without fusion, and I am now able to enjoy some time without being in pain. Here are some points of advice I can give you from recently having surgery:

I found that I wasn't as nervous before the surgery because I felt that mentally being on the road to recovery after the surgery would be far better than being in pain that was getting worse.

If you find you are not sleeping prior to surgery, your doctor may be able to prescribe sleep aids for you.

Talk to people about how you feel and ask their advice - this often helps calm nerves down and makes the time go by faster.

Walk several times a day before your surgery to build up your leg muscles and keep your body in shape - it will make for a much easier recovery.

Make sure you have a grabber tool, cane, and sock aid at home. In fact, I came home from the hospital with a walker after requesting it since I could not yet walk on my own - my insurance paid for it after the doctor ordered it.

If people offer to bring meals or help you out in any way, accept their help.

After the surgery while in the hospital, if your pain is above a level 5 (0-10 scale), be sure to tell the nurse so they can give you something to lower your pain. After I found this out I was given Toradol which really helped lower my pain.

Walk, walk, and walk some more after surgery.

Plan to not climb any stairs for the first several days or so after you come home.

Invest in lots of pillows of various sizes.

Set small goals for yourself every day after surgery. This way you can feel a sense of accomplishment that you are getting better which really helps with your mental health.

Drink lots of water after surgery and get prune juice or other foods that will help you stay regular.

Be sure to tell any loved ones you have how much you appreciate their assistance after surgery.

Check out the message boards for how to prepare for having surgery - some great tips there!

We'll be thinking and praying for you! How long before your surgery?