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Long story short.I was dx'ed with breast cancer in July.I had 2 operations to remove the cancer.The last one was a lumpectomy and I had to fight for pain meds after the operation.I have had painkillers over the years for dental work (teeth are a MESS) and tylenol 3 was not going to cut it for post surgical pain.The surgeon had no problem giving me percocet.

The problem with getting a large hunk of breast tissue out, is that it hurts..for months.I am finishing radaition on Monday and I have NOT asked for anything between the surgery august 15th and now.The radiation inflamed my entire breast on TOP of the pain from the surgery.

I saw the radiation oncologist yesterday.I told him I did not plan on being in pain for months and it would kill me.I cannot take NSAID's, I have asthma and some idiot tried to give me toradol in the ER and I coded.Yeah..advil=instant asthma attack.

He hemmed and hawed and finally came up with THIS. if i cannot take NSAID's then maybe I could take steroids, oral steroids.Like prednisone? I have taken these in the past with asthma and have had such bad side effects.No sorry buddy.He said that is all he is willing to do,

I was misdiagnosed from my GP for a year, he told me I didn't have cancer, mixed up tests and even told me to get pregnant in case my bloody nipple was hormones.He also never gives pain medication, besides I hate him.

This sucks..I am 33 and had to go through cancer and if that wasn't bad enough...PAIN.