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I am 49-yr. old female. I have been having a severe pain in my right side just at my waist line since August 05. It felt like a "runner's cramp" but hurts all the time and I had severe burning. It's neither front or back - it's directly at my side just where I put my hand on my waist/hip when I'm mad. I went to ER and was told I had kidney stones and a teratoma on my right ovary. I saw urologist first and he said although I did have a kidney stone in each kidney, they were not moving. He suggested that I had a pulled muscle. The pain continued and in October I had the teratoma removed but kept the ovary. The pain continued. My husband and I felt sure that I had a hernia. My primary physician wanted me to go to pain management but I wanted a diagnosis. So PP did a gallbladder ultrasound which was normal. She then sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon did blood work (sent to Mayo Clinic), CT scan, gallbladder emptying scan, MRCP test, endoscopy/colonoscopy and full body bone scan. All came back normal. I did have slight elevation in my liver panel but nothing abnormal. The surgeon sent me back to primary physician who finally convinced me to go to pain management. Pain doctor assumes it is nerve ending problems. I have had one steroid shot and two pain blocks by x-ray. I return to pain management in 1 month. I continue to have the pain - it is constant with periods of severity. I am taking Tramadol for the pain but it only takes the edge off, it does not fix the pain. I've had several people tell me that they experienced the same problem, had gallbladder surgery, but continue to have the pain. I am at my wit's end. The only symptom of a gallbladder attack is my pain. I don't have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatty foods does not bring on the pain, no fever. I have not missed work except for doctor visits - but I can't afford to lose my job because my husband is out of work and I'm carrying the insurance on my family. What in the world could it be??