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I would really appreciate anyone's advice, opinions, input etc etc and I do realise that nobody can diagnose me online and that it would be very remiss of anyone to actually try and do that, I'm just looking for people's thoughts as to what they think may be happening. :cool: :wave:

Anyway I've spoken to my Doctor and he says just severe anxiety but I'm not sure....it feels different, it feels as if there is something else going on.....not schizophrenia, but perhaps something similar but not quite as bad???? sorry I don't know how to explain it. :confused:

For the past couple of years I have been getting periodic auditory and visual hallucinations...in the last 6 months the frequency of these has increased to almost daily....not all the time but at least once a day or more often several times a day I will have some sort of auditory or visual hallucination....the visual hallucinations range from seeing actual people and animals to just vague black shapes and the auditory ones usually consist of two or more people chattering like listening to a radio long distance...sometimes I get the sensation of a radio playing in my head and occasionally I will hear my name being called...apart from this I find myself getting extremely paranoid, people following me, cameras, sattelites etc tracking me, being watched and laughed at....when this paranoia gets to extremes I am terrifed of people coming through the walls and windows to get me and that there might be people hiding in the ceiling waiting to attack me or my husband....mny thoughts have been really strange as well, for example one night I thought that a statue in my house might have been transmitting messages to another statue to attack me and sometimes I find myself trying to hear or see messages in things...like the position of something in relation to something else and what does that reveal to me..it's like feeling as if if you could just work the message out you would know the answer to everything......Now the thing is I do know that none of this is real, but it doesn't stop me from having the thoughts and hallucinations and it doesn't stop me from thinking but what if it is true, safer not to risk it when deep down I know it's just my mind being ****ed up.

Also I'm finding myself feeling more and more withdrawn...sort of cut off from the rest of the world. It's hard for me to communicate with people and often I just don't want to. Also having trouble with words and speech....like I've got a brain stutter, I can't find the words or get them out properly sometimes and sometimes there is this stupid chorus (from my thoughts not an auditory hallucination) of rhyming words, nonsense stuff, made up words.....it's getting very frustrating. :dizzy: :(

Edited to Add: - I am 33 almost 34 years old and female if that makes any difference??? and I take no illicit drugs...only prescription medication is Tramadol for chronic pain and Deptran for Anxiety and mild Depression.
Hold on WillowBrook, I just looked up Tramadol on the Internet and one of the possible side effects is hallucinations. Were you having hallucinations before you started the Tramadol?

I looked up Deptran too. It also lists hallucinations as a possible side effect.
Experienced symptoms after, but I had already been taking both medications on and off for a couple of years before any of these hallucinatory symptoms started...also I have had hallucinations (auditory and visual) whether I have taken Tramadol or Deptran or not....It's something I will definitely mention to my Doctor though, definitely not discounting it as a reason for what's happening, thanks so much for your help :)