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which is stronger - vicodin or tramadol
Hi, and welcome. Usually vicodan (hydrocodone) is considered to be stronger than tramadol. It would depend in part on the dosage and how you react to each medication. I've had both and found vicodan to lower my pain levels better, but someone else may have had a different experience. Tramadol is sometimes prescribed with other opiates since it works differently.

Dear jb40,

As tigg stated, a lot has to do with your reaction to the various medications. But, I always found Vicodin (hydrocodone) to provide more pain relief than tramadol! Hydrocodone is a Schedule III medication, while tramadol is a Schedule IV. So, Hydrocodone is more highly controlled.


Jon (Conductor)
[QUOTE=conductor;3683545]Dear jb40,
while tramadol is a Schedule IV. Sincerely,
Jon (Conductor)

So they finally made tramadol a scheduled medication? That is a good thing.

Dear Brian,

Tramadol (Ultram) is a Schedule IV here in Florida, so I was assuming it was elsewhere. BUT...just because I assume it DOES NOT mean it's true! The minute I make a statement, there will surely be something wrong with it--you know?

So, I think tramadol is a Schedule IV everywhere, but I would welcome being corrected if I am wrong!

Brian, you caught me on a low self-assuredness day! Sorry!

Jon (Conductor)