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Well Lori, yesterdays outing turned out ok for you with the DIL's doing the cooking. Thank goodness it was not all left up to you to prepare this time. Maybe you won't have those kids long today while the one DIL goes to the Dr. Though who knows. I sure spent plenty of time sitting around waiting on Mon. at my Dr and for what ?! I hope you can stand the whole crowd on Sunday , you'll have to take a xanax so you won't lose it! Oh my , you mentioned Trazodone and that gave me cold chills. That was one of many sleeping meds the Dr gave me when he was trying to find something for me to get to sleep. Ambien did nothing, I tried several others with no success as well . Trazodone made me feel like I was on speed and like I had a pillow smashed over my face . It could not breathe at all thru my nose the time I tried it. I have a full bottle of them that I simply cannot use. Meds just don't do right with me . They do not. I take Prosom now for sleep but he only wants me to take it 2 or 3 nites a week and just lie awake the other nights so I won't get addicted to it, sigh. It works sometimes and sometimes not. Last nite I decided that I would take the Amitrip. at 8 pm and then take the prosom at 9:30 as we go to bed at 10. I read yesterday that the only interaction with the two would be that the Amitrip might be more sedating. Well since it does not sedate me in the first place I figured why not. So that is what I did and I'll be if the prosom did not work. I laid awake for a good 2 hours , now that is with an Amitrip and a Prosom. There is just no hope for me to sleep I guess. There is absolutely no change in the swelling or pain but I know the Amitrip will take time. He told me to take an herbal diuretic which I am and it does nothing. There again meds don't work for me most of the time. I have not tried the Ultram yet , I only have 10 of them for that " break thru pain " and I wanted to take the Amitrip a few times to be sure it is not gonna make me nuts or can't breathe or crazy acting. So far it does nothing. I will try Ultram Friday maybe. Tomorrow is my day in town running errands, the bank, Walmart, going to the nursing home visiting and one of my old people is in the hosp so have to go see her , then to see my sick neighbor So I hope I sleep tonite, but I guess I won't. I will ask about the TENS unit when I go to Temple. My PCP's nurse called today to tell me that Temple would either call me or send me an appointment in the mail. None of it is at my convenience of course and I have no idea who the Dr will be. A physiatrist is all I know. My confidence in Drs is and has been shaken for a long time so I guess I am kind of negative about it all. The one good tihng is that the esoph is better , still on 2 PPI's a day but it is better , maybe soon I can go down to one. I keep you posted and let you know if I get to feeling better and if I ever get to sleep. So far no changes. I hope you continue to feel a bit better and that those kids don't drive you nuts. At least you have your car back. Lia