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I had my 1st session of PT yesterday and I can hardly move today. The took all my measurements as far as how far i can raise my leg or how long I can stand on one foot and how much pain it caused. There was a lot of testing for these things that really hurt me a lot. I am about 17 weeks post op 2 level PLIF and have not had relief from my pre-op pain, so this may be why PT is bothering me so bad. At my 3 month check up he said I could lift up to 20 pounds. But my physical therapist said absolutely no lifting or bending right now. No cleaning, vacuuming or scrubbing.

I have only been taking my pain meds when I absolutely couldn't tolerate it. She (PT)
said she wanted me to take it regularly at least 3 times a day and to also take a valium at night with the trazodone I just started, that is supposed to help me sleep. I told her I didn't like taking the meds because I thought it just masks the pain and how would you know if you were getting better or if it was just the pain meds. She said she would explain it all at my next appt. tomorrow.

After all the testing I had hydrotherapy which really makes it easier to walk while in the water. But all the excercises and reps and weight lifting in the pool really did me in. After that she showed me how to do some exercises to do on my own. Then did the eletrical stimulation with ice pack on. She told me how to make the heating pad with a ziplock bag and a wet towel and also how to do the ice pack the way Carl told us how. I watched a film while I did the electrical stim and had a POP QUIZ after that.

Finally went to sleep this morning at 8am and slept until 1pm. I was hurting too bad and was too exhausted to do any exercises or walking on my own today. I will probably get chewed out tomorrow but oh well.

Well that was my experience with my 1st day, but I'm sure it's different at every place.
Good Luck,
Yep, had my 2nd session today. Still not fun. I got a little ribbing about not doing them at home, but not too bad. I was just so sore and my normal everyday pain is just intensified. I even got a massage today and it hurt too, boohoo.

I don't like taking the meds and told her that, but she insisted I take them at least 3x day. Yeah, the valium is for muscle relaxer. Am I having problems sleeping? Nah, no trouble sleeping cause there is no sleeping, lol. Last night I took 2 vicodin, a valium, the trazodone they gave me for sleep and was still up until 5:30 this morning. I took another trazodone and finally dropped dead I think from exhaustion. Then I had to get up at 11 so I could get ready for PT. And to top it off I have to do all the exercises again at 7:30. Oh man it's almost that time now. Plus she wants me to go to the track and freeze while walking 10 minutes 3x day. Then on the days I don't have PT I have to do the walking plus do the sets of exercises twice. I think they want me in the hospital, lol.

After sweating over taking that test, cause I have no short-term memory, she didn't grade it before I left and didn't mention it today. So no, I didn't get any stickers. Man was I upset over that one, lol.

Well, I hope you guys have a pain-free evening.