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Please don't give your doctor a bad wrap, he is right about there being benefits with antideppresants as part of the regime with pain. And I say 'PART' of the regime, it isn't the magic pill.
I take Cymbalta, and trazodone for sleep, and I take Ultram for the pain, I finally am taking it more regularly, and have seen the benefit when I do. I do have Norco (haven't taken it yet) for when the next time I have a flare that Ultram doesn't touch.
I have had back pain since I was a kid, I ended of with a spinal fusion of 14 levels in 1994.
I now have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain; through this dx I have started addressing many areas of my life...balance, proper diet, supplements, physical therapy, massage therapy, and just talking it out.
Don't give up and don't lose faith,