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Hi Folks!

I'm new here, and feel like I have a little input on this subject.

I have fibromyalgia, and of course, the host of symptoms that accompany it. It took 9 years before I was finally diagnosed, which was 9 years of absolute H*LL! I found myself turning to the bottle for relief, and to be able to pass out (chronic insomnia is also a symptom).

I finally found a Dr. that recognized the symptoms, and my world has changed. I take muscle relaxers, hydrocodone, neurontin, and trazodone to sleep now. I have found that I can actually function again (and don't need the bottle -- an occasional wine cooler for social drinking). At age 40, I started nursing school in a quest for my Bachelor's degree. The school is perfectly aware of the meds I'm on, and I function just fine.

I am, however, extremely careful of my doses. As long as I can knock the pain down to a tolerable level; I'm happy. I have 2 strengths of hydrocodone to choose from; soma, baclofen, and diazapam for muscle relaxers, and I manage the trazadone commensurate with the amount of sleep I'll be able to get.

My advice is to find ONE good Doctor and stick with him/her. Be open & honest: if you've taken more (or less) than prescribed -- BE HONEST! The Dr. cannot see OR feel your pain, and if he thinks you're gaming him, he may cut you off all together.

As I mentioned, I am a student (18 credits), with LOTS of time at the computer, and a VERY tight schedule. I am also a volunteer EMT and firefighter, and run karaoke shpws -- so I imagine it would be safe to say that I take pain meds while I work.

One more thing -- it has been my experience that when I lounge around a lot, I hurt WAY more! I sincerely believe that when you kick back in your rocking chair -- you're gonna STAY in your rocking chair!

Hope this helps someone else. :)