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Ok everyone so heres my situation, I'm 27 yrs old...im looking for advice and your experiences....
So for the past month and 1/2 i have had major insomnia. It first started where i only slept 4 hrs a couple nights, then i was worried about it and missed a whole nights sleep, then my anxiety grew worse about not sleeping and since then has become worse. So my doctor gave me ambien which i tried a couple nights and did not like it cuz it made me feel strange and only kept me asleep for 3-5 hrs. Then i tried some xanax at night which worked for 2 weeks then started not to, So i was on that for about 3 1/2 to 4 weeks then tapered off and started taking lunesta and trazodone for about 7-8 days, which only kept me asleep a couple hrs, if that. Trazodone alone, did not work, only worked combined with lunesta. Anyways, i decided i wanted to be drug free since these meds werent really working and put me in a fog all day. So i went off them and the past few days have been getting no sleep. I went 2 days with zero sleep, on the 3rd night i fell asleep with no meds, off and on for 8 hrs, woke up about 3 or 4 times. Then the next night zero sleep again. Then last night i took 1/2 xanax and got some zzz's. Its like my body is soooo tired but my mind will not shut off and let me sleep, as soon as my thoughts start to drift, it zaps me back awake. Its so fustrating. Does anyone have this problem, and if i stay off the drugs will my sleep return to normal or has my body already become dependant on all these drugs to sleep. I miss that tired feeling that you get right before you sleep. I havent had that lately. I just want to be back to normal. Not sleeping has made me depressed, but i do not want to go on any anti-depressants, since i have read the horror stories and plus i was not depressed before the not sleeping. I have tried all the natural stuff to help sleep (exersice, camomile, melatonin, hot bath, relaxation, meditation, etc) Next stop i am going to a sleep specialist and hypnotherapist. I just want my normal life back where i could sleep 7 hrs no problem. Its like i have become afraid of my bed and sleeping. No tramadic events have happened to make me like this. When this first started i think i was drinking too much wine at night, which woke me up after a few hrs (i have stopped all alcohol and caffine use) plus my bf, works nights and was waking me up at 4 am for a few nights in a row which started me on this schedule.
Just wondering if anyone was successful in achieving a normal nights sleep again after stopping all meds after a month or so? Any advice would be appreciated... thanks in advance.