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Hi Eric, I had throat cancer surgery in Jan 1999. They used muscle from my right fore arm to 'make' a new throat so I can still eat by mouth. However it's common for folks like me to have a swallowing problem due to scaring. Dilation surgery is also common and I had that done one year later. That did not go well and the dr. told me he was putting the stomach tube in the next day. I let him know that was NOT going to happen. And I still could swallow the next day, and in fact in the months to follow it proved to be much better. But I still have to blend or grind everything.

The reason I'm telling U all of that is out of the blue I got a call from a doctor at the VA telling me there is a medication just approved for people with swallowing pblms like mine. It's been used for 3 decades to help folks with circulation pblms in the legs. Now it's shown to reduce the scaring and help the swallowing.

I went in Tuesday the 18th for swallowing test, blood test, etc. The next day I got the call from the doc saying my blood test was OK and go ahead and start the vitamin E and the pentoxifylline, brand name Trental 3 times a day with meals.

I ask him about the, "don't break up this pill" comment and how many others like me could swallow this horse pill. If I could swallow this thing I would not need it!! He said, "sure, go ahead and pulverize it, got'ta get it dwn somehow..."

The pamphlet also said side effects where slight but might include dizziness and upset stomach. I seemed to be a little lightheaded the 1st day or two, and had an upset stomach each time for a few days. Glad to say that went away! :-)

Of course I don't know that this will work anywhere else but U might bring this to the attn of Ur Dr. BobE