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Hi Devrha! :wave:

Yes, I recall sharing with you! We should start a post called Idiopathic!

So you are taking Celebrex and Neurontin. Both for the optic nerve?

I was taken off all meds when I presented with this eye problem. Just taking aspirin and Trental for the occlusion and hemorrhaging. Seems to be helping. It will be better when the swelling, pressure and pain can be eliminated. I forgot to ask the specialist what I could do for those symptoms even after getting myself organized beforehand! Silly me! Had good news--I think--at the neuro-ophthal visit. Many changes occurred rapidly and think on the mend. Still have the pain, pressure, and swelling of eye but I'll try to remember to inquire about it next time. :)

I can recall when I was told about how strange my optic nerve appeared too. Makes one feel funny. Huh? Hope it gets better. Seems like you've been dealing with this for quite a while. Keep me posted!

Thanks for the encouragement. Am hanging in there too! :D