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Hi there

I too have GA and have had it for the past 14 years (with the exception of the period when I was pregnant when it disappeared completely only to resurfact with avengeance 2 weeks after I gave birth). My GA covers my entire body with the exception of my face and hands with the marks growing to up to 3inches in diameter.

I have tried all of the normal treatments - steroid cream, Trental, Progesterone cream, PUVA treatment, accupuncture, herbal remedies, chinese medicine and some of the more unusual - Apple Cider Vinegar ....

The Steroid cream has thinned my skin in places and I would advise caution with this - from what I have read it does not generally provide a lasting solution to GA

The Trental, Progesterone and Apple Cider Vinegar did nothing for me.

The PUVA treatment did appear to clear up my skin but again it was not a lasting solution.

Since the start of the year I have been following a detox diet plan and not only do I feel much better in myself but my skin is all but cleared up. I think that it is down to an intolerance of some description and initial indications are that it may be cheese/dairy.

Indeed when I went to see the accupuncturist (about 7 years ago) - his thought then was that it was caused by dairy and I did nothing about it!

My belief is that there is a cure out there for all sufferers although it is generally a case of trial and error. I also believe that it is caused by an imbalance within your body so creams and potions used externally will not generally help long term.

Hope this helps

I have also been suffering from generalized/disseminated granuloma annulare for 30 years. It also cleared completely during my 3 pregnancies only to return after giving birth.
I have tried dapsone, roaccutane, plaquenil and fumaric acid esters without results. Corticosteroid cream helps temporarily and makes the summer slightly easier to 'survive'.
At the moment I am considering what to do next: PUVA or trental or zileuton with vitamine A.
I hope the lady with the detox diet replies: that would be worth a try and better than all the medicines!