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:wave: Greetings, folks-
I though I had posted this earlier, but I can't find it anywhere, so I am trying again. I am a newbie on this board, but an old hand as a retired geek (makes me a geekasaur?). I have had RSD/CRPS/Causalgia/Pickaname for 14 years and it has been a trip, I can assure you. At its worst I was on 85mg of daulaudid an hour, by pump. I am now stage 4 and the level is down, so I am on less drugs, but the pain is the same - no fun.

I had a nurse in to see me today, after I had a few spontaneous blisters which have cleaned up, but they just wanted to see me and see if they could stop it from happening. Most of her "suggestions" were met with nix, nein, nyet, not on and no way, but one she did mention that I need more info on. It is a drug called pentoxifylline, commonly called trental. It causes increased bloodflow, apparently. However, I have a few concerns. The first is does anyone know how it works with our condition(s). The second is will increased bloodflow be a good or a bad thing. When you think about it, it may result in increased stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, and that is a BAD thing, as I understand it.

Anyway, if anyone know anything about this drug, pass on your wisdom...

The OldSeaDog
:wave: Hey I am new to this board and I am from Australia.
I have had RSD for approximately 2 1/2 years. I have just been on Trental myself and the increase in blood flow helps because it decreases the pain from vascular constriction which is a common symptom of RSD (resulting from sympathetic nervous system). Dont be afraid, our limbs lack the proper oxygen and other nutrients to prevent other things going wrong. This is the first time I heard some one else with RSD been offered trental. NO ones been on it that I know of on our Aussie RSD forums. But it has helped me so I recommend giving it a try, as long as you read about it (its leaflet that should come with it) about what problems the drug will harm.

Anyway good luck!