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Hey Busted, dont be so hard on yourself,
Your not alone, I know you want to get better and thats all you care about, and you will, its not rocket science you will eventually figure it out, and your parents are acting like you dont have a problem because, they dont experience it themsleves so they dont see how its possible, its kinda of a self centered point of view for them, but thats how some people are. It would be nice to have validation from your family and friends and not be put down for somthing you have no control over. That is the most frusterating part. And feeling lousy all the time doesnt help. I think this mucus thing is really affecting your self esteem and you need to make some good friends, or a good friend, and they are out there. Hey im in columbus ohio a little far away but id be your pal, cause I can totally relate to your situation believe it or not.

I have had chronic PND, and Bad breath for 2 years now, all my CT scans are normal, and no infections, no allergies, so my dr dx me with vasomotor rhinitis, and gave me sprays. didnt work, tired diets didnt work, I felt so lousy, cause I have to hack up mucus every five min too, And espically after i eat or drink anything, and its thick and gelatious like, like snot. I get headaches too, and exptreme facial pain and jaw pain, and im alwyas hacking. Pelple have made fun of me for hacking and spitting up phlegm and said ohh gross. your gross. and as a lady it doesnt make me feel very attractive.

My parents have dismissed me, the irony is that my father is an ENT surgon, and my mother is a nurse, and I think that is why they think im a nut.
My father told me he thinks im a hypochondriac and to get over it, and my mother doesnt want to hear about it, shes sick of hearing about it. They both think I should just get over it. But I dont blame them for being insensitive its hard to know how miserable it is unless you really experience it for yourself. I wouldnt want my mom or dad to have the mucus probs tho.
Doctors are very bad listeners anyway, and my dads basically a dick, but I love him anyway.

Have you tried somthing called sinus buster,,, look it up online, its supposed to stop mucus, also the drug Trental is an experiemtal drug that had a offlable side effect of supressing mucus.
Youd have to get a prescription, I tried it and my mucus dried up a lot. but I got headaches after that, but I also have thyroid problems that cause my mucus,,,,,, you prob dont have a thyroid problem.

Natural doctors are more understanding also,,,,,

Hang in there sweetie, your just a kid.
im only 25 years old and im studying to become a nurse,,,, i dont really care what pepople think anymore, I work in a hospital and im around sick people all day,,,, and a lot of them have mucus, and PND cause I work on an otolaryngology surgery floor, a lot of them are miserable and feel alone too.
Some days I myself feel so scared and depressed that this will never go away, like im out of control of my body, and I want to just drive my car into a telephone poll on the way home... but then I have the good days,,, I have a purpose and it is to heal others, and myself, and as one of my patients pointed said "if there was any way to escape we'd do it, this prison of the body." The body does heal,, you just have to figure out whats wrong and fix it. As of now what the doctor will try to do is treat the symptoms.

Try maybe eliminating dairy, it causes a lot of excess mucus, and so can gluten.... :cool:

U will figure this out!

P.S. 2 ENTs is nothing!!! surgery on a deviated septum has nothing to do with PND. Its more likley a fungus, or a systemic immune problem or somthing creating imflammation in your nose, and hypersensitivy. Could be Laryngeal Phanengeal Reflux.
Had your thryoid checked lately?
The point is you sometimes have to rule things out, to find the cause.

Have they given you antibiotics yet, im sure they have,,,