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Have you been reading the TOS board here ??? You would probably pick up a lot of good info there. I'd start there asking if anyone there has TOS and RSD.

I have TOS and RSD, but my TOS is secondary, and not severe, compared to the RSD. My neuro thinks that IF we can get the swelling down from the RSD that is so active in my shoulder, clavical, and scapula down, the TOS may improve enough to become tolerable.

My neurologist gave me a round of botox injections, which unfortunately I had a very painful allergic type reaction to, but it did make a difference in my RSD and my thorasic area, as far as my ability to move, and stretch. It may be something to consider.

I also see a super massage therapist and she works about 1/3 of the time with the throastic area. If you have not tried this, it may help.

By the way, I do not take any pain medication, as such, by choice. I have not had good luck with pain meds and my bodies reaction to them. I was briefly on Duragesic after the botox nightmare, and darn near had numerous car accidents, was terribly ill, itched constantly - could not wait to be off it. I take other kinds of medications. It's not easy. I use a LOT of chronic pain meditation.

Have your doctors tried things like clonadine, topamax, calcitonin.... or just tried the standard Neurontin and lyrica and said pain meds won't help, lets try surgery? If they could get the pain of the RSD under control, maybe you could handle having the TOS. Or, like me, if they can get the swelling under control with the vascular drugs, the pain of the TOS will come more under control... My next drug on the list to be put on is the trental (trentyl?) to see if it can take the swelling/inflammation out of my shoulder/arm. The neuro says reducing the swelling should lessen the TOS pain. I am anxious to try it, but they only add one thing at a time and they want to let the botox wear off first.

Good luck..