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Calcitonin is also known as Miacalcin... it is a nasal spray. It is used for osteoporosis. I believe it may be a hormone? I'd have to look it up. There is a lot of info out there on using it for RSD and it's easy to find. My Rheumatologist was not sure WHY it is helpful for RSD, but she knows it works. After she put me on it, I started looking it up and found out there is a lot of info about it. For me, calcitonin really knocks out the "deep down" pain of RSD - but does not do much for the muscle aches or surface pain. Topomax helps the muscle pain and burning, and topical cream and lidoderm patches help the surface pain. Clonadine helps the circulation, coldness and redness. Between all of those, I have pretty good pain relief -- I seldom take any traditional "pain" medication.

The calcium channel blockers -- I think those are the medications traditionally used for high blood pressure. The most common one used-I think- is clonadine. I was on a clonadine patch, which was the highest co-pay per month on my insurance, and I was allergic to the adhiesive. So we tried the pills, and it seems to work just as well. I am "fortunate" that I do have mild high blood pressure, so I can take a higher dose of clonadine. It has helped with the pain, as well as the coldness in my hand. There is also a lot of information about the calcium channel blockers and their use in treating RSD. I used to take a different blood pressure medication, but was switched to clonadine when I saw a pain management doctor who was really familiar with RSD. Some people take a medication called trental also to help open blood vessels - which helps the coldness and redness of the effected extremity.