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Ive just been to me Uro yesterday who is the best in Sydney and I mean it - listen up guys theres a new product on the market that I have just gotten called Trental 400 (pentoxifylline) - he said he had just come back from a medical/uro conference in san Francisco and a Dr Tom F Lue (who is apparantly the best in his field - lives and breathes Peyronies) recommends this new drug - its presecription based and has been tried and has worked in a study - so here you go guys heres a bit of hope and I am on it for the past 24 hours and the pain has gone - my uro told me all the other stuff like Neprinol was crap and not worth anything ( I told him I had spent about $1000 on all this alternative medication) ; so I guess I will try the Trental 400 and see how it goes....one other thing if anyone has been using neprinol and Serralone and Natto can they give me their experience please..are there any other prescriptive cures out there that people know about??

One other thing - DONT buy Pyrotab - its made in Pakistan ( that says enough for me!!) - I discovered that I had PD 2 months ago so I would have tried cow dung to make me feel better - its a real waste of money!! - please please dont even think about buying it - one other thing that seems to be Ok that ive been trying is Copper CP with DMSO - maybe it will work for you??
The main thing is to keep positive and check out this Trental 400 - it just might be the thing that works..

Cheers and good luck