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I was just diagnosed with Cochlear hydrops by a Neuro otologist and put on Maxide (water pill) and Trental (blood circulation pill). I have this 'drunk' feeling, though I don't drink, and even though my balance is ok, my head is full and the tinnitus I have is bad. My hearing comes and goes in one ear. Today it's back like yesterday. By days end yesterday, it was gone again and the fullness was awful in that ear. This medication is supposed to help in all this but right now I feel the side effects are what I'm dealing with. I've had the full head feeling for 6 weeks now and occasional dizziness (when turning in bed and getting up from a lying down position). I've had an MRI (all ok) and 3 audiograms, showing significant hearing loss in the affected ear and moderate loss in the other. I'm scheduled for a ETOG (sophisticated hearing test ) in two weeks. Anyone here have this as a diagnosis and if so what meds are you taking? Some doctors think it's a form of Meniere's others disagree. I'm really 'depressed' about it and feel like 'sleeping' due to to the wierd feeling in my head and behind my eyes. Any comments would be appreciated. thanks---yanksgirl
Meniere'e.org has a section for support (a forum) and it has helped me so very much. This website helps too. On the other site I've found great suggestions, and ways of coping and what to expect and other websites also. I have been 'good' for over a week, almost normal and also have my hearing back. However, I had the ECOG test on Monday and about every other day this week, I've had a 'full head sensation' and sort of out of focus vision and motion sensitivity. I think the test triggered it. I don't have results yet. I'm praying the Trental/Maxzide and Valium are doing their job. I learned it takes months sometimes for the Trental to become effective. I did find a really good doctor, a neuro otologist and he specializes in the treatment of inner ear; meniere's, etc. so I have to trust that he'll help me in the long run. I hope yours can too. God Bless! yanksgirl