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My 81 year old mother has been having some health issues. A few months ago she had a flu that that really made her sick. She never quite felt right after that and a few weeks after that she had a urinary tract infection and a chest cold. She went to the doctor and was given 2 doses of antibiotics. She was also having pain in her neck and shoulders. She had a chest x-ray which showed thickening of the pleura and a CT scan that showed scarring probably due to prior infections. She has a also had blood work - it showed low sodium levels, high sed rates and iron deficient anemia. She had been taking Trental and Mevacor but stopped taking those when she started to feel bad.
Her PCP said that as of yesterday her sodium has gone up to 130 from 126 and she is feeling much better - less fatigue, getting her appetite back and gaining some weight(she lost about 7 pounds). However, she is still very weak and is having numbness and tingling in her hands now along with the neck and shoulder pain.
Her PCP is sending her to a lung doctor, a gastroenterologist and an endrochronologist. She is suspecting Addison's or SIADH.

Has anyone had any symptoms like this? Does Addison's or SIADH have these symptoms?