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[QUOTE=Moldova;3626390]Styme, I am so thrilled that I was able to help you - this means so much to both of us.
Thank you for your advice, I know you all 100% right. I just very confused why in a world she would even start this conversation. She is worry about my liver? Who cares about healthy liver if leaving in such severe pain is no worth leaving anyway? I got into my car after this app crying and being scared- what if they do it to me? That is why was important to me to hear from my "board friends" what do they think. I did not know that I can insist on staying on them, like Steve said, but I learned here that I can...

How are you doing pain wise? What do you feel helps you with pain? And what kind meds are you on? I hope you don't mind me asking you

All the best to you...

Moldova, I take 2800mg/Neurontin, Lortab 10/500mg 7/day, Tramadol 50mg 3/day, Celexa 40mg/day, baclofen 30mg/day, along with Androgel for testosterone replacement. I am also on a trial of trental with vitamin E that has been shown in some preliminary studies to help dissolve scar tissue. After two months, I really don't notice much difference from the trental. I will try it maybe two more months, then quit if no improvement.
My pain is awful without the meds, bearable with them. I can only stand or walk for 5-6 minutes without being forced to sit or lay down from pain. I can moderately ride a stationary or regular bike, and can swim moderately. It's such a weird disease-who ever knew body parts could be both numb and be painful at the same time? My PCP is my prescribing doc and is a wonderful person who cares about my function and comfort. I have plenty of room to go up on narco meds, and will probably have to go onto a LA in the future. I'm comfortable right now as things are and he monitors my blood for liver, kidney function and the like. I am blessed so far with a cast iron stomach and have no problem taking a bunch of pills.
Happy to share with you, and anyone else who suffers from our disease. I hope no one ever suggests a PK Holiday for me, because then I will be under the covers moaning in pain with no quality of life. Again, I am so thankful for your postings back in 10/07, as it lead directly to me being diagnosed by a second-opinion neurosurgeon. I was in the "Mystery Diagnosis" category for over 2 years before that. Always a blessing to come to this board.:cool: