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Im FREAKIN out.. Im sure alot of you have read my numourus posts on here. I am a 23 yr old female with moderate cystic acne. I have it in my Tzone primarily but have recently (new to me) gotten 1 on my cheek and one on my jaw where i normally dont get zits. my cysts can be big mainly on my forehead and chin, and sometimes on my nose. they are never any bigger around than the end of a pencil eraser. I dont hardly ever get just plain whiteheads or zits. they are always the inflamed cystic kind. I have been on antibiotic and topicals and it helped some I guess. Im still using a tretinoin. Im finishing up my 2nd month on BC that was my experiment and I think it made me worse so I dont think I will continue.
My skin is really oily and always has been. someone told me on here that if you mainly get your breakouts in your T zone its not hormonal its just because you have really oily skin. I did the mistake of looking at some pictures of myself in the past and cant believe I even ever complained about getting 1 or 2. now i get like 5 or even 8 at a times. or I have been the past 2 weeks.

Can ANYONE relate? PLEASE RESPOND. what can I do? is Accutane the only thing thats gong to save me from this. Im soooo scared of accutane. is there long term side effects? Im scared of the depression, What about antibiotics, are they ok to take? so many people say its not good for you but are these acne antibiotics different? if they are bad WHY do doctor give them to you?
And if anyone prays like I do keep me in your prayers and I will pray for you.