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I'm 42 and having a terrible round with acne for the last 6 weeks. Been using salicylic, glycolic acid, benzoyl, and tea tree oil. Also take ortho-tricyclen. As soon as I get one cleared up (which takes about 3 weeks) another crops up.

In my early 30's I got medical help and was put on antibiotics and tretinoin, which helped a lot. I quit this several years ago due to expense and thinking I didn't need it anymore. I have lousy insurance now, can't afford it, and it would take months to get into a dermatologist anyway--so don't want to go that route.

I even lied and called in sick last month for 2 days due to the huge boil (!) on my chin. I wanted to take more time off but felt silly and couldn't afford to. I hate to look in the mirror anymore and dread putting on makeup--can I cover it or not--usually not!

I just ordered something called D'arcy Drying Lotion because nothing else is working. The Neutrogena acne patches (salicylic) were doing an ok job, but not anymore.

I'm at my wits end. Is there anything home remedy or OTC that works great for you? Please please I will try anything. This is only on my chin and it is cystic acne that hurts like a MF.