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Quote from dpg04:
ok i been reading up on diets that can help with acne, i have bad i guess severe acne on my back and moderate on chest and face and i get big painful ones and big and small white heads and just red bumps and irritations and i have very dry skin, well anyways i been reading about diets and i been reading to go on a diet for a week or so by eating only fruits and veggies and drink nothing but warter and a lot of water, what do u all know about this and how do u feel about this diet and has anyone done this or doing it now? i need opinions please

Hi there:
The big painfull ones are postules or papules, you get that with acne grade III or Iv, you should see a doctor. do not let anyone do facials on you with extractions since you have an infection and it can spread to your blood stream if you are not takin antibiotics. The thing that didnt seem normal to me is that you say that you have very dry skin. well, acne is a an overproduction of the sebaceus glands, an inflamatory condition, it is weird that your skin feels dry. are you using any medications or over the counter medications( with salicilyc acid, benzoyl peroxide)? most will dry up your skin.
wash your face with an ice cube a few times a day, that will bring the inflamation down. try to see a doctor and get some antibiotics(normally they prescribe tetracyclin) and get all the extractions then.If they prescribe accutane or tretinoin, you'll know then what dry skin really is. I personally dont like it, it gets the skin cleared up fast but :Who can live with dry scales all over the face?
diet does not cause acne but it may aggravate acne, greasy foods, spicy foods, chocolate, sometimes dairy products too.

good luck