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I do think that Renova is usually given for wrinkles,hyperpigmentation... and Retin-A for acne. Both medications do have Tretinoin in them, so I am not sure why one is given for acne and the other for wrinkles. I think the Renova is a cream? Maybe this one is given for people with more dry skin and Retin-a for those with oily skin (usually acne prone). This is just a wild guess. I wonder if Retin-a is in a gel usually? Do you have acne prone skin that tends to also be dry? I'm currently using Green cream which has retinol, but plan on getting some tretinoin when I see my derm. I love this stuff. It is really helping my skin.
yes, I am using Green cream for acne. It is level 6 (6% retinol) and I built up to using it everynight and 3 times during the day. I think .01% tretinoin is equal to 10% retinol. So your renova is a lot stronger than the green cream. Everything will happen quicker for you as long as you can tolerate it. The green cream is nice because i can use it under my eyes, on my lips, neck, and chest. I heard I can also use it on my eye lids, but I haven't tried it yet.
I'm almost 38 so I like the bonus of looking younger while I get rid of acne.
I just couldn't tolerate retin-a because of my sensitive skin.