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I've been on clindamycin for more than three months- nothing. Benzoyl peroxide doesn't do it either. Erythromycin worked, but that's because it was paired with tretinoin (retin-a).

SO my point is we know there are different causes of acne, which also means different treatments. I've decided that you should look at what definitely works and what definitely doesn't. Tretinoin has cleared me up before, and the main action of tretinoin is removing top layers of skin so that your skin shells don't shed so quickly and clog up your pores. Has nothing to do with bacteria- which explains why antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide hasn't worked for me- my acne is not caused by bacteria.

I decided to try salicylic acid in the form of Noxema pads. The action of salicylic acid is similar to that of tretinoin so I'm giving this treatment a try. Also, I have a lot of little no-color pimples which salicylic acid is famous for treating.

Wish me luck and I hope you take the general advice in my post- know there are different causes and pinpoint your cause the best you can so you can treat THAT cause.

Thanks for your attention.

Any input, even if it's telling me I'm wrong is appreciated.