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Hi Everyone! It's been quite a bit of time since my last post, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents.

I've been struggling with acne for YEARS, and putting up with a dermatologist that was, frankly, not aggressive enough. Very nice lady, but I never got more than topicals for *cystic* acne. I've been on Tazorac and Duac for YEARS - it makes my skin feel horrible (peely, red, etc), and only mildly controlled by acne. I was under the impression that these topicals were the toughest, and nothing more could be done. She didn't believe in orals for "cases like mine". She actually suggested PROACTIV, which never ever did a bit of good.

Anyway, when I moved to New Jersey, I visited a new general practitioner who I tricked into giving me an oral antibiotic... "Oh, my dermatologist has me on minocycline... can you give me an Rx, I don't have time to go in" Anyway, that helped for a bit. When my Rx was maxed and I couldn't get a refill, I decided to find a new dermatologist. At this point, my face was pretty badly broken out, and I had a few large cysts on my chin. Well, visiting my new dermatologist was like visiting a different planet.

First of all, my old dermatologist just glanced at my skin briefly while I sat in a chair. The new doctor had me lay down and shined the lights on my problem. And I felt as though he took my problem SERIOUSLY. Any acne is a problem to him, and my old derm thought a patient should be practically deformed in order to get any type of drug.

Secondly, my new dermatologist injected my cysts with cortisone without asking. Really, really painful, but let me tell you, it helps. My old dermatologist never mentioned injections - I don't think she even gives them! But 2 days after my injections, the cysts completely drained and flattened! He said whenever I felt a giant cyst coming to make a same-day appointment!

Thirdly, the derm took me off Tazorac, and put me on Tretinoin (generic Retin-A). I've been using it for about 2 weeks, and the stuff is GREAT. And gentle! Additionally, he prescribed me Bactrim, which supposedly works for most people. (I'm going back for blood work in a month to make sure it's not doing any internal harm) Since taking these prescriptions, my skin looks 100% better!

Lesson of the day - If your dermatologist isn't being aggressive enough, find a new one. I wouldn't have half the scars I have now had I gone to someone who took my problem seriously!