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In the skincare tips posted by users on smartskincare, someome recommended Rosehip oil for the same uses we've all been using camellia oil. I looked at the website of her vendor in the UK and it looks like it could be even better than Camellia oil. They had the same kinds of testimonials. However, as it's beneficial components, they say it:
[QUOTE]'contains around three-quarters essential fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, and linolenic, which help maintain healthy skin. Rosehip oil also contains natural Tretinoin, a derivative of Retinol (vitamin A), which replenishes and helps rebuild skin tissue.'

The ebay vendors also say it has vitamin C. I know rosehips are packed with vitamin C, I don't know if that means the oil has it. They are also all about some B.S. 'Chilean Rose Hip Bush' as if it is some exotic discovery. They might be getting their oil from Chile, but rose hips come from roses. All kinds of roses.

The Silkia Camellia oil seems primarily about the oleic acid. Although I just looked again and it does say it contains the other fatty acids plus vitamins A, E, and C.