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Everynight I apply Tretinoin cream to my face.
Before applying it I wash my face with Nuetrogena Foam Cleanser.
Lately after washing my face with the Cleanser I have noticed that my face is drying out.
My question is it okay to go ahead apply Tretinoin on dryish/flaky skin or should I just wash my face with cool or warm water(instead of using the Cleanser) and then apply the Tretinoin cream?

i use retin-a micro...my derm told me to MIX:

retin-a micro
MOISTERIZER (i use neutrogena with SPF 15)

im also on doxy, but the whole system has worked extremely well...i suggest you try it

the reason you are drying out is because you need a moisterizer, i suggest getting the neutrogena one i have, or cetaphil...make sure it has SPF 15....either mix it with yours, or apply it after...you can also use it in the mornings/afternooon when you don't have the tretinoin on your face

good luck