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I've been on Tretinoin Cream 0.025% for about three months now. I've not noticed any type of improvement. My red marks have not faded and I still breakout about the same as before. Which was never a whole lot, but regardless it's the same. I have a Dermatologist appointment on Monday. I've already scheduled a appointment with a different Dermatologist to have Microdermabrasion done on November 13th. I plan to discuss this with my current Dermatologist. I'm very iffy on having Microdermabrasion done, namely because I'd hate to spend a large some of money and not see any type of results or even worse, to see a worsening of my face. I know you need to have a serious of Microdermabrasion procedures done to see significent results, but I'm hoping that after one procedure that I'll see some type of improvement, no matter how small it may be. Any type of improvement would be nice.

As for my question, seeing that Tretinoin has not worked for me, what is likely the next treatment my Dermatologist will place me on. Part of me is hoping for Accutane or Minocycline. I don't have the slightest idea of what could be next to me as acne is not the biggest concern, but getting rid of these red marks. Some of which I've had for years. So I assume they are now scars. They get me down so much sometimes and have effected my life in a very negative way. Causing me to be very antisocial and closed off from the world and at times debate suicide. I've recentley taken up eating healthy and taking vitamins like(Fish Oil, Zinc and Centrum). I've been eating more fruits and vegetables. Staying away from Fast Food and Saturated Fats. I know it takes time to see an improvement and that it is slow and gradual, but I just wish I would see some type of improvement. I feel like I'm going about things alot better, trying to be healthier, but when I don't see any type of improvement it becomes very discouraging.

At the age of 13 I had Meningococcal, I still blame that for my condition now. As I think if I would have never had that disease that I would be okay now. But I suppose it's foolish to blame something that I overcame for my condition now. I try to be optimistic, but it's really hard some times. I don't expect nor want to have perfect skin. I just want things to be better than what they are, maybe I want to much.