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I've never been to the derm before and I'm thinking of finally scheduling an appointment. I'm sort of at my wits end about my skin and I think it's time I get a professional opinion. I'm 19, and I have almost entirely non-inflamed acne - mostly whiteheads and a few blackheads. I only get full-blown pustules when I'm on my period, and it's only a few spots at that. With makeup and from a comfortable distance you probably couldn't tell that I have skin problems, and people have told me that before. But it really, really irritates me that my skin is just so damn congested. I feel like there's years of gunk in my pores that'll never come to the surface, and it drives me crazy. Plus I'm a picker (I know, I know...) and so I have a few scars and some pigmentation as well. My skin is quite fair so it's mostly red/pink spots. My skin is very sensitive as well - many lotions and drugstore acne treatments make my skin red and itchy.

Going to a derm would be a big decision for me, firstly because I absolutely hate going to the doctor's, and secondly, because I'm rather sensitive and my biggest fear about the derm is that it'll be a tortuous half-hour or longer of all my flaws being pointed out to me, all my bad habits put out in the open. It's a little terrifying to me. Even when I went in to my last checkup at the doctor's office, I was completely caught off guard when my doctor started asking me about my skin and suggesting I try a scar treatment. It made me feel very uncomfortable to be put on the spot like that and it's silly but it hurt my feelings a lot to hear someone point out that I had acne.

Am I being oversensitive? How does one deal with going to the derm if they're easily hurt by criticism? I imagine that this can't be an uncommon problem with acne sufferers because most of us are already very self-conscious to begin with... please give me your first derm experiences, advice, consolations, anything? What happens in a typical derm visit?

Also, based on the description of my skin, what do you guys think the derm will prescribe? Based on the research I've done I don't think I need an antibiotic of any kind, since my acne isn't inflamed. I was thinking something like tretinoin, so promote cell turnover and unclog my pores (and hopefully help with my scars)? Or birth control, to help with period breakouts?

Also, because I'm a chicken - does getting a med like Retin-A absolutely necessitate an actual consultation with a derm, or, if you know what you want to try, can you somehow get it from a derm's office without a visit? I know that's a little extreme but obviously this whole derm thing is a fear of mine.

Thanks so much for any input.