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I've only had a couple steroid shots, well, 5 of them in all. The triamcinolone worked better and lasted longer for me than the cortisone shots, but it was a *LOT* more painful getting the triamcinolone shot than the cortisone. Probably because the stuff is thicker, consistency of 120W motor oil, so it takes more pressure to put it in.

I did have side effects from the shots, I gained a little weight, had some fluid retention, and that was the extent of it. I've been told that long term use can cause problems, and repeatedly injecting the same joints can cause scarring and weakening of the tendons in the area.

That being said, I had good results with the ones that were done for me. My shoulder was frozen solid from inflammation, and though it took a few days for the pain (mostly burning) to go away from the shot, in 4 days it was like it never happened. My shoulder was free, the pain was gone, the inflammation was gone, and I got about 3-4 months out of the triamcinolone. I had to have that repeated and they used cortisone, and didn't get as good of an effect, it only lasted a month for me, but the recovery from the shot was quicker, maybe 2 days. I've also had them into both of my wrist, and after cortisone didn't work as well I insisted on the triamcinolone and had good results with it.

Thankfully methotrexate had worked well for me and reduced my need for steroids greatly. For me the RA is not even the same disease on MTX as it was before it. I can not recall a single instance of having my hands swell to 2-3X their normal size, or my shoulders freeze up, or my feet swell to where I couldn't wear shoes since being on the MTX. That is how bad the RA was before it. It could just be that the RA is starting to remit though. All I know is the RA problem is a lot better for me now than it used to be. Every once in awhile I will use a short course of prednisone, and not more than 30mg if it gets out of control. I still have 10mg prednisone to use PRN if it's bad, but I rarely have to. I don't even have to use the sodium naproxen all of the time anymore, and honestly, I prefer not to if I can get away with it.

I have heard from some people that have had the injections of steroids into their disc in their back that it caused scarring for them and made their problems much worse. I've heard complaints about lidocaine injections as well involving the back. So it may make a difference where the shot is given as to the risks involved. Good luck.