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I have had a small red sore on my face for over 2 months. After the first three weeks I visited my GP. Because of the location he believed it was a cold sore, prescribing Vovirax (both oral and pill form). I followed his prescription even though I doubted it was a cold sore, seeing that it never blistered and was present for over three weeks.

Frustrated with no results and my GP not prescribing anything else, I went to another doctor. She prescribed an anti-fungal cream (Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide). After two or three days of the cream, the sore appeared to be improving, however never 100% cured. I then saw someone in infectious disease who told me apply Lamisil for two weeks. After the two weeks I have seen no results.

I can not get a dermatologist appointment until October. I am a bit frustrated and suspect that I may need an oral medication (Lamisil tablets) for this to go away completely. Why have none of the three doctors I've already seen prescribed an oral medication? Anybody have any suggestions what I can do between now and October to rid myself of this facial fungus?

Thanks in advance.