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Sorry to hear about your little girl. I get mouth sores too. They are painful. Salt, any thing spicy, and anything acidic--even acidic fruits like tomatos, strawberries, cranberry juice cause them to really hurt. Toothpaste really hurts also. I went to my primary doctor because I kept getting them and they would not go away. He said they were canker sores, that basically it is a sign that something is off in your immune system if you keep getting them or they don't go away. He prescribed Methylprednisolone (a week long steroid treatment in pill form) and Triamcinolone Acetonide a paste to put in the mouth. It takes it away. My mouth sores would start under my tongue and be red and then would go to my bottom lip. For some relief now I would give your daughter ice cream, cold pudding, cold milk and let her keep it in her mouth for awhile. It is truly painful when you eat salty and if you eat to much the pain lasts all day, long after you are done with the meal. For me, they keep coming back, the doctor ran some tests and because of my strong family history of autoimmune disorders I was eventually diagnosed by a rheumatolgy specialist with lupus. I too get frustrated when I read that the mouth sores are painless. I think that their must be two different types and unfortunately we have the painful canker sore or mouth ulcer that shows an overactive immune system. I hope this helps but I hope even more for your daughter to feel better. On a hopeful note: some people and children just get canker sores (or mouth ulcers) and that is all it is, change of weather, cold weather, stress, recent dental work and other factors bring them on. Hope this was helpful.