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For Me its Ambien hands down over temazepam/restoril. Restoril worked ok for me, but the ambien would allow me to sleep longer than 3 or 4 hours. I have tried many things to combat my sleep problems including cpap etc. nothing works well for me. Restoril for me was not very effective. Triazolam/Halcion helps me get to sleep more efficiently. I recently had the chance to try out Rozerem & it reminded me much of Ambien in terms of length of sleep without waking. Ambien is definitely a blackout drug & easily abused, but nowhere as addictive in my opinion as Restoril or Halcion. Sometimes some light anti-depressants are prescribed for help with sleeping. I have been prescribed elavil & trazadone in this regard in the past. Trazadone worked pretty well for me.
My insurance company will not allow prescriptions for brand drugs if generic alternatives are available. That means I cannot get Ambien, Lunesta, rozerem et al, but I can get Prescriptions for temazepam or Triazolam, go figure.