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Sorry problems adding up and no idea how to resolve it.

I've slept about 7 hours altogether since sat. or sunday (got mixed up with days as it seems to be an ongoing long single day).

I told the fam. doc and before I finished explaining he was already writing down a prescrition for Halcion 0,25mg (triazolam).

Never taken such kind of medication so was unaware that it is not recomended in my case with what i am already taking.

I am left with two choices.... keep the insomnia till I drop or go into seizure or take my risks using it? I am having ongoing absences which i think is due to sleep depravation....

Anyone has had to deal with insomnia? If so how have you resousilved the problem without the use of such type medication?

Am willing to try anything 'healthy' to sleep. HELP !!!