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I know exactly how you feel. Being somewhat overweight and bulimic is not odd. In fact, most people gain weight from b/p - it is almost impossible to not absorp some of the calories that you intake. Which should be the number one reason for me to NOT do it. But still, if I am alone, it's an impulse. Most of the time they will connect OCD with b/p. I am currently on Lexapro which is doing wonders for the anxiety - and they have me on trileptal for the b/p - it is somewhat working. I take 300 mgs twice a day - and I've seen a slight change. Nothing to do flips over. I told my dr it's the impulse of eating. Afterwards, I just literally beat myself up. My mood is completely shot - and my spirit is down. When I am near a large amount of food, I am never hungry usually. But it's the impulse of knowing I can eat that much and completey satisfy any hunger - and get rid of it.

I just wish I could get rid of it. I know how to lose weight the right way, I lost over 100 lbs on my own, diet and exercise. But its the fear of gaining it back that drives me to this stage.