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My stepson has Bi-Polar with psychotic features (Bi-polar w/ Schizo) and ADHD as well.

We've had to take him to the psychiatric hospital about nine times now after his behaviour has progress so out-of-control we couldn't be sure of our/his safety.

Seroquel is an anti-psychotic, and it should alleviate his schizoprenic episodes completely. The sleep/relaxing part of it is usually the pleasant side-effect =P We've also had it prescribed as an aggression-control med, taken when he's in a complete rage/manic fit.

And to relate more, he's on Concerta and Strattera for his ADHD, the former being a stimulant like Ritalin and Strattera is a non-stimulant. If he lacks either of them he just starts degrading in behaviour, gets much more hyper and out of control.

He's also on Trileptal, Depakote and an anti-anxiety med which was just given to him so I don't know the name =|

Anyways, the sad thing about meds is that they work differently for everybody and what works for my Eric might not work for your son. We've tried our son on so many different combinations (not to mention none at all), dietary changes, natural remedies, etc and we've finally gotten him somewhat stabilized now (though he's still very very far from a regular 12-year old).