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To anyone who is putting off going to the doctor out of fear of having a colonoscopy, don't. It's really nothing.

I had my first colonoscopy yesterday after years of IBS symptoms including occasional bleeding, cramping, mucus in the stool, alternating diarrhea and constipation and excess gas.

I knew that based on my age odds were in my favour that cancer would not be found, but also knew that I could not get a proper diagnosis without a colonoscopy.

I was put off by the idea, despite reading about the procedure and looking at photos and videos of them, but ultimately decided that I was being stupid and that I couldn't just diagnose myself as having IBS. I knew that I had to go see a GI specialist and have the test.

So I did. I called my GP and told him that I wanted to get a firm diagnosis for my IBS and that I wanted him to schedule me for a colonoscopy with his colleague, a GI specialist.

I was given a date three weeks away and put it out of my mind.

As the date approached, I started getting more nervous. I was scared of the prep, scared of the procedure, and scared of what it would find.

The day before the test I was on an all liquid diet, so the night before I had my favourite meal, with dessert! The next day it was all broth, jello, clear juices and water for me. I was starving and snapped at my husband a few times, but thankfully he was veyr understanding.

At 3pm I began to drink the 4L of Trilyte. It was rather gross tasting, but nothing I couldn't handle. After only about 10-15 minutes, I began voiding my bowels. After about three hours, I had finished the 4L and my movements were clear yellow with a bit of mucus. For the rest of the night I had several more clear movements every few hours, but nothing too horrible. I did have some chills, and some mild cramping, but it was bearable certainly.

My appointment was at 10:30 the next morning so I got to the hospital early, at about 9:30 to check in and get my IV put in.

They gave me a johnny to change into, put an IV into the back of my hand, and gave me some fluids through my IV as I was a little dehydrated.

At 11, they wheeled me into the exam room, and the doctor had me sign a waiver (don't worry, complications are rare, but they need to have you sign!)

Then they gave me versed and demerol and immediately I felt lovely. Just sort of "floating". I dozed off for awhile and awoke briefly when they introduced air into my colon. I had some minor cramping, but nothing awful. I then watched my colonoscopy on the screen for a bit before falling asleep again.

I awoke in the recovery room, and was encouraged to pass gas. I did, and when my nurses were satisfied I had passed enough, I was given a small cup of juice and a muffin.

My doctor then came in and spoke briefly to me, telling me that everything went well. There was a bit of inflammation in my rectum that he biopsied just in case, but that it was almost certainly from irritation caused by the prep the day before as well as the trauma of the scope. There was also a very small polyp that he removed. Other then that, nothing of concern.

I then got dressed and was taken out to the waiting room where my husband was waiting for me. I still felt a bit "out of it" and gassy, but fine other then that.

I went home and slept the rest of the day.

I have had a bit of blood in my bowel movements this morning, a result of the polypectomy and biopsy and nothing to worry about (bleeding after a colonoscopy is quite normal provided it isn't a lot of blood and is not accompanied by any severe abdominal pain).

Other then being gassy, I really can't complain.

The procedure was nothing, especially when it means an accurate diagnosis.