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Hi there-
I am a 24 year old female...
I have had stomach problems for several years, (since about 18)
Not to be disgusting, but my wonderful eccentric family likes to call me diarreah girl, if that gives you any indication.

It seems as though I am always sick. I run low grade fevers constantly, and I find myself almost dreading to eat out anymore, as I never know what will happen if I do.

My BM have not been normal in so long.... I don't even remember the last time they were. Always diarreah, with mucous. Sometimes they float, sometimes not... You name it, and it comes out of me.
Good God, I am sorry for being so blunt, but I figure a board about bowel problems... Someone is bound to understand...
First, does anyone know what my symptoms sound like?
Second, I have a colonoscopy scheduled this Thursday.
I am beyond terrified...
I have been reading, and noticed that most of you are in agreement that the "prep" is the worst...
Tuesday night, I am supposed to take two Dulcolax before bed, Wednesday all clear diet, and starting at 8 am, two dulcolax tablets again. 10 am I have to start drinking something called "TriLyte" and finish off the gallon by 3pm.
At 7pm, I have to drink one bottle of "Citrate of Magnesium."

You guys, I am not a medicine person, dread it, loathe it... I like to be in charge of what goes in my body. What can I really expect from this? Should I stay home from work?
Dunno... I have worked myself into a frenzy over this- Any advice, suggestions, whatnot... I'd appreciate it soooo much.
Can't help but think I am too darn young for this.